Can AMC Sustain A Fourth ‘The Walking Dead’ Series?

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Back in 2015 on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast, Robert Kirkman joked at the time that more The Walking Dead spin-offs weren’t out of the question. “We’re doing [Fear the Walking Dead], ” he told Maron. “and I’m sure that, if it does well, we’ll do The Walking Dead: China eventually. [And then] The Walking Dead: SVU.”

Cut to four years later, and production is ramping up on a third The Walking Dead series, Monument (which actually looks cool), there’s a Rick Grimes movie franchise heading to theaters, and there’s actually a The Walking Dead novel coming out this fall set in China (that could potentially one day be turned into a series or an AMC movie).

If that’s not enough The Walking Dead, AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan suggested in an earnings call this week that the network is not getting out of The Walking Dead game anytime soon. In fact, he said, The Walking Dead universe is “in the early stages of life” and that it has “many opportunities for growth.” In other words: Don’t rule out The Walking Dead: SVU.

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