Fox Is Straight-Up Airing Two Hours Of Dogs On Thanksgiving Night

Thanksgiving Night programming is always a little tricky. Most people are still woozy from a day of gorging on turkey and baked goods, so getting and keeping their attention can be difficOH GOD LOOK AT THAT DOG UP THERE. SUCH A HAPPY LITTLE FELLA! JUST BOUNDING THROUGH THAT FIELD WITHOUT A CARE IN THE WORLD! I BET HIS NAME IS REX. HE LOOKS LIKE A REX. WHO’S A GOOD DOG? THAT’S RIGHT, REX IS A GOOD D-…

[clears throat, straightens necktie]

I’m sorry, it appears I have gotten off topic. My point here is thFETCH, REX! GET THE BALL! WHERE’S THE BALL, REXY? HUH? WHERE’S THE BALL? THERE IT IS! GOOD BOY! GOOD BOY!

Wow, sorry. Not sure what happened there. Anyway, my point is, Fox is showing a two-hour special about rescue dogs — [slyly waves to Rex] — Thanksgiving Night, hosted by Hilary Swank, and featuring a bunch of other celebrities.

The two-time Oscar winner and animal advocate will host and executive-produce The Great American Dog-a-Thon, a family-friendly special celebrating rescue dogs and giving viewers at home a chance to adopt or foster them. The special will include musical tributes, viral videos and even an awards segment. (Yes, Cutest Puppy is a category.) […]

Throughout the special, Swank will be joined by other celebrities, including Scarlett Johansson, Josh Duhamel, Miranda Lambert, Kristen Bell, Fergie, Paula Abdul, Betty White, LeAnn Rimes, Kesha, and Carrie Ann Inaba. [EW]

The special airs from 8-10 p.m. on November 27, and if this trippy-ass promo featuring two talking dogs lounging on a couch is any indication of what we’re in store for, it could be a nice comedown from a full day of eating yourself sick. ISN’T THAT RIGHT, REX? HMM? ISN’T IT A GOOD COMEDOWN? BARK ONCE FOR YES! BARK ONCE FOR YES, REXY!