This Supercut Fires Off An Embarrassing 70 Sexist Statements From Fox News

While it’s no secret that Fox News anchors tend to be — how do you say — a little less sensitive to gender-based issues, this supercut lines up a cringeworthy sequence of more than 70 examples. Many of these instances still stand tall in recent public memory. Bill O’Reilly and his insistence of a “downside to having a woman president” features prominently, of course, as does Neil Cavuto’s classic statement, “A ho is a ho.”

Soon enough, the sexist innuendos fly off the screen so rapidly that it’s hard to believe people take Fox News seriously as a “fair and balanced” news source. This is, after all, the same channel that may have encouraged Megyn Kelly to take a vacation after she dared to ask Donald Trump about his derogatory statements about women (and Trump threatened her in response).

The instances collected in this video are the memorable moments, but, surely, the well was deep, and it must have been difficult to narrow the offerings to a mere five minutes of sexism. Well played. Now all we need is for someone to set this baby to music. Get on that, Internet.

(Via Media Matters in America on YouTube)