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Walken + Carradine = Best. Party. Ever.  Outta the way, Michael Moriarty!

David Carradine, who died from either auto-erotic asphyxiation or foul play, will be shown in a guest-starring role in next week’s episode of “Mental” on Fox, the new drama that’s basically “House” but with a psychiatrist who doesn’t limp.  From the Washington Post:

In the episode, Carradine plays a famous professor, author and philosopher named Gideon Graham, who lapses into a non-responsive catatonic state after being struck by lightning. Determined to bring Gideon back to the “real world,” our hero Jack attempts a highly unorthodox treatment that carries great risk to the patient, Fox promises.

Nothing suggestive of yesterday’s news figures into the unorthodox treatment, which is good because otherwise the network would have had to pull the episode; instead, “Mental” stands to attract more viewers in light of the Carradine news.

That sound you hear is the combination of cash register doors dinging and Fox executives trading high-fives.  “Way to book the guy who died, John!  Hey, are Farrah Fawcett and Patrick Swayze looking for work?”

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