FOX12 Is A Jerk

02.13.12 6 years ago 17 Comments

This is a brief news story about a sticker some kid designed to honor Chicago’s men and women in uniform. After first selecting it as the winner of the contest, the city doubled back and said it wouldn’t be using it because it depicted “gang signs.” This is pretty stupid, to be sure, but it is not the point. The point is that the news then ran a clip of the kid, a local teenager, absolutely bawling his eyes out while explaining how upset their decision made him. Like, dropping snot and everything. It was decidedly not a good look for a teenage boy, and maybe he needs to work a little on handling his emotions more reasonably.

Here’s the thing, though: you really needed to show a clip of this poor kid crying like someone shot his dog? You couldn’t have let him collect himself and try again? Or, if this was the only footage you had, you couldn’t have just had the anchor read the quote (or paraphrase it) over a still image of the kid? Dick move, FOX12. Being a teenager is tough enough without you being goons and broadcasting a clip of him weeping uncontrollably to all his friends and family. I’d bet $20 he’s stuffed in some locker as I type this.

In an effort to level the playing field a little — because I am AN IMPORTANT TELEVISION BLOGGER [shines apple on lapel] — I have decided not to run a big splashy image of the crying kid at the top of the screen. Instead, I watched the video one second at a time until I found a spot where the anchor looked like a total doof, then screencapped it. Turnabout is fair play, FOX12. Test me again and I swear I’ll open MS Paint and draw ridiculous facial hair on everyone. You are on notice.

I got your back, Herbie.

via Joe Mande

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