Fox’s New Series ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Is… A Hit?

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09.17.13 31 Comments

Sleepy Hollow

Fox got the jump on season premieres this week, with Sleepy Hollow debuting last night and Dads and Brooklyn Nine-Nine providing the lead-in tonight for the returns of New Girl and The Mindy Project. And while the ratings for tonight’s shows won’t be revealed until the magic TV gods in the sky count all of the blinking lights in our eyeballs, one thing is for certain – Sleepy Hollow is a hit.

The numbers for the series premiere are quite impressive, as the Los Angeles Times reported that the show not only had 10 million viewers, but it also tied Dancing with the Stars in the highly-coveted demographic of adults ages 18 to 49. The question now is how well the show will hold up moving ahead as the other main networks launch their season premieres, but I’m pretty sure this show won’t be losing any viewers to 2 Broke Girls.

Aside from the numbers, positive reviews keep rolling in as well. Even my own UPROXXian colleague Dan Seitz, whose word I trust like the FDIC, was optimistic about it from the start, and it’s just all so strange to me, because I thought the commercials and trailer looked like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter had himself a bastard son. But I guess that’s why we watch the shows and don’t just make snap judgments.

Perhaps the best part of Sleepy Hollow thus far, though, is the reaction that fans had to John Cho’s role as a guest star in the first episode, as it’s safe to say that – SPOILER ALERT – he won’t be coming back, at least in human form.

Sleepy Hollow 1

Sleepy Hollow 2

Haha, I love Pez.

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