07.17.09 9 years ago 6 Comments

“Somebody flag down that hot dog vendor!”

John Goodman has been tapped to star in a Fox comedy called “The Station,” which will be produced by Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Films.  The promising premise:

“The Station” revolves around a group of lackluster CIA operatives at a covert South American outpost, where they’re charged with installing a new dictator. [Goodman] will play Ted Gannon, a gruff CIA vet and head of its Altamara Station.

Goodman joins a cast that includes Justin Bartha [the groom in The Hangover], Whitney Cummings, Rob Huebel [“Human Giant” actor with a funny Twitter feed] and Julio Oscar Mechoso. [Variety]

The reason I’m so optimistic about this — other than the fact that South American puppet governments are hilarious — is that David Wain has signed on to direct.  And of course Wain (who wrote and directed Role Models) comes from the “State”/”Stella”/Wet Hot American Summer comedy family that I get all hot and bothered for all the time, so I’m morally obligated to give this show positive publicity until I watch it and it lets me down.  Just like a CIA-engineered South American dictatorship.  Too bad about Pinochet.  He seemed like a cool guy.  Real go-getter.

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