Here’s Why Frank Reynolds From ‘Always Sunny’ Should Be The Voice Of ‘Detective Pikachu’

Entertainment Writer

If you’re aware of the petition going around that’s attempting to have Nintendo cast Danny Devito as the voice of Detective Pikachu, their loveable, new crime-solving Pokemon coming to the 3DS soon. The petition currently has 32,235 supporters on, but the real proof that it needs to happen is right here.

Above, courtesy of Tealhollow1 on YouTube, is a mashup of DeVito’s work with the trailer for Great Detective Pikachu. An excellent representation of what it would sort of be like if DeVito voiced the electric rodent detective. But that’s just for giggles when you really look at DeVito’s qualifications for the job, mostly due to his wild background as It’s Always Sunny’s Frank Reynolds.

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