NBC Would Love A ‘Frasier’ Revival, But It Probably Won’t Happen

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One of peak TV’s most popular products is the ongoing revival explosion. Full House‘s Fuller House is going strong on Netflix, Twin Peaks: The Return is confusing the masses on Showtime, and the finale-ignoring Roseanne reboot is coming to ABC in the near future. Hence why broadcasters are combing through their libraries, hoping to find as many fan-favorite television programs with revival potential as possible, and seeing what sticks. If Will & Grace can come back, why not ALF? Or as one NBC executive teased recently, why not the hugely successful Cheers spin-off, Frasier?

Speaking with TV Line, NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt admitted he had “had conversations” about the possibility with former Frasier executive producer David Lee. “Frasier would be great. I’d love to [bring back] Frasier. We put out feelers about [it] over the years, but I don’t think there’s any real interest,” he said. “I think everyone’s moved on.” Sure enough, star and jazzy theme song-performer Kelsey Grammer has kept himself busy with Amazon’s The Last Tycoon. Meanwhile, David Hyde Pierce returned to camp with Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, Jane Leeves did five years on Hot in Cleveland, and Peri Gilpin has remained active on television.

More significant, however, is the fact that nobody Greenblatt spoke with wants to revive the series without co-creator David Angell, who died in the September 11th attacks with his wife Lynn. (The pair was aboard American Airlines Flight 11, which terrorists hijacked and flew into the North Tower of World Trade Center.) “I don’t think [David and Peter Casey] want to do it again without him,” Greenblatt concluded.

(Via TV Line)