This Was The Freakiest Ad Of 2013, According To Adweek (And Adweek Is Right)

12.24.13 4 years ago 10 Comments


One of my very favorite posts is Adweek’s awesome annual collection of the year’s freakiest ads. They search globally, so there’s often a lot of freaky ads that we don’t see stateside, and those Europeans make some creepy-ass ads. For instance, if you’re scared of clowns, DO NOT WATCH THIS AD, the second freakiest of the year for Herbaria Tea. It has almost nothing to do with tea, but you’ll remember it. Forever. Because it will be seared into your brain.

The freakiest ad of the year, on the other hand, stars the freakiest celebrity of them all: Christopher Walken. The ads are for Danish clothing company, Jack & Jones, and in order to highlight the fact they’re being made from premium wool, the four spots see Walken quietly, weirdly constructing a sweater, from shearing the wool to sewing machine.

They are weird.

And check out Adweek’s complete list of the 2013’s Freakiest Ads.

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