Watch Behind The Scenes Footage Of Fred Armisen And Courtney Barnett Taping Their ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promos

05.19.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

You know those promos for Saturday Night Live where the host and the musical guest and some cast member from the show do a little bit of comedy and primarily let you know there’s a new SNL this week and informs you who’s on it? Things will be no different for the season finale, which is being hosted by Fred Armisen with musical guest Courtney Barnett. However, this time around, Saturday Night Live is letting us get a behind the scenes view at how the process works.

Armisen, a musician in his own right, and the ascendant Barnett are joined by longtime SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan in their quest to generate three short little promos for the upcoming episode. You get a real chance to see how the sausage is made, as the video is over 11 minutes long. There’s a lot of awkward standing around, which is somewhat fascinating in its own right, but we also get to see Barnett try and help Armisen jump into Moynihan’s arms.

It will be interesting to see the actual promos after seeing this behind the scenes video. Also, Armisen obviously is a good host for SNL, and any chance to see Barnett perform must be taken. She may not be a natural at comedy, but she knows her way around a stage.

(Via Pitchfork)

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