Fred Armisen Gives An Extremely Accurate Recap Of TNT’s ‘Major Crimes’

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Fred Armisen is ready, willing and able to be your TV guru. In fact, he provides this service whenever he’s in bandleader mode on Late Night with Seth Meyers courtesy of the SNL alum’s recurring segment “Fred Armisen’s Extremely Accurate TV Recaps.” Granted, these recaps are more successful at delivering the “Fred Armisen” portion than the “extremely accurate” part, but that’s part of the magic of television.

On Tuesday’s edition of Late Night, Armisen was asked by host Seth Meyers for a bit of a refresher on the TNT series Major Crimes. Ever the professional, Armisen was able to provide the necessary information. Namely that the cable series is a “day in the life” series focused on a whimsical writer-comedian named Glen Stevens.

“The most recent episode he goes to the grocery store and he’s talking about everything,” explains Armisen. “Look at the cashier, look at all the bread, look at all the food. And so he’s just like, he thinks about it and he goes out to the parking lot and you see him write it all down. He just goes out there, writes it all down. He goes, ‘this is going to be a good book.'”

Boom! That should clear up your Major Crimes related questions. Or if you’re Seth Meyers, spark a series of additional questions. Either way, it’s worthy of a gander. Direct your attention to the top of the page and hit play on that funny YouTube rectangle to receive Fred Armisen’s TV knowledge chunklets.

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