03.02.09 10 years ago 8 Comments

In unsurprising news I see every day, CBS has greenlit what’s certain to be a shitty reality show.  “America’s Strongest American” — I’m not kidding — will determine the strongest American without shame or a sense of self-awareness.

“Strongest” will differ from the strongman competitions seen on networks like ESPN, where professional muscleheads compete for weightlifting titles. The challenges will be scaled to suit a more average physique. The project continues a recent trend toward networks developing lighter and more comedic reality fare.

CBS’ other reality projects in the pipeline include a series on arranged marriage, a missing persons investigative series, an auto obstacle course project and a competition show pitting neighbors against one another.

Those shows are titled, respectively, “I Didn’t Ask for This Husband,” “America’s Missingest Persons,” “Crash Course,” and “Whose Grass is Greener?”  And one of those I actually didn’t make up.

You know, 9/11 was seven and a half years ago.  I think the country is ready to watch new shows without the word “America” in the title.  See also: a trend that started with “America’s Most Wanted” is not necessarily a good trend.

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