Friday TV Conversation: What Is Your Favorite TV Guilty Pleasure?

Guilty pleasures. We all have them. Sure, maybe you like to sit around with your friends and discuss the artistic merits of Breaking Bad vs. Fargo vs. True Detective and which show deserves which award for which performance, or impress your co-workers by interrupting their conversation about sitcoms to explain that you “don’t really watch network comedies anymore” and that the funniest show on television is an animated program from Denmark that no one’s ever heard of that only airs Sundays at 3 a.m. on a cable channel no one gets. Fine. Don’t let me take that away from you. But don’t expect me to believe you’re not secretly watching three episodes of Hawaii Detective, M.D. or whatever on USA while you’re waiting for that last show to start. You can’t fool me.

So. Let’s air them all out. We’re going to be really loose with the term, too. Do you secretly enjoy horrible reality shows or CBS’s collection of Chuck Lorre sitcoms? Do you get through a tough day by watching a mini-marathon of The A-Team on Netflix? Do you sit around wondering if people see you as more of a Rizzoli or an Isles? OUT WITH IT. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find some like-minded souls down there in the comments.

As for me, as readers of this site are almost definitely aware, it’s Franklin & Bash, baby. I’m not even all that sure how it happened. I started out watching it ironically so I could write very stupid recaps of it, and now here I am, 3+ seasons later, legitimately enjoying it as a fun, mindless hour of television. It’s come in especially handy this season because I’ve been pounding through it on my DVR as a relaxing come down after watching The Bridge. Holy moly, do I ever need some dumb hijinks after that show.

Yours below. SPILL IT.