Friday Conversation: What Popular And/Or Beloved TV Show Do You Just Not Get?

08.01.14 307 Comments

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Earlier this week, I wrote a post about the ongoing contract negotiations between the cast of The Big Bang Theory and the suits who own the show. Somehow, through a process that I like to imagine involved a Rube Goldberg-esque smorgasbord of levers and pulleys and hamsters running on wheels, the post hacked through the Facebook algorithm and ended up in front of a staggering number of Big Bang Theory fans, many of whom registered commenting accounts so they could take issue — LOUDLY — with my assertion in the post that Parks & Recreation is a better show. It was kind of incredible. Check that: it is kind of incredible, seeing as it’s been 48 hours and the thread is still going. Take a few minutes and scroll through it yourself. It’s fascinating.

Anyway, the whole thing got me thinking, and it has led to this week’s discussion topic: What popular and/or beloved TV show do you just not get? Comedy, drama, whatever. Do the huge Nielsen numbers for crime procedurals like the various NCISes or CSIs baffle you? Are you amazed that reality shows like Survivor and The Voice are still ratings powerhouses? Do you not understand the allure of bonkers, lightning-paced shows like Scandal or 24, or shows like Community or Mad Men that have smaller, EXTREMELY vocal fanbases online? Do all of your friends and family members love a show that drives you insane? Chime in below. The only rule is that Big Bang Theory is off the table, because that has been covered extensively this week. Beyond extensively. I mean, Jesus.

Try to be nice to each other down there.

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