Friday Conversation: What TV Series Do You Wish Was Available On Netflix?

It infuriates me that Justified isn’t on Netflix. It’s not necessarily that I want it for myself, since it’s available on Amazon Instant Video and I finally broke down and got Amazon Prime a while back. It’s more that, with the show approaching its final season on FX, I really want to get the word out about it. I want it to get a Breaking Bad-style swan song ratings bump. I want it to become a zeitgeist-capturing cultural phenomenon, with people trading Boyd Crowder quotes on the street and addressing each other with “Hello, Raylan”s. I want RV sales nationwide to skyrocket because people want to start living that Wynn Duffy lifestyle. I want Justified fanfic to become so popular that a weird, hyper-sexualized novella written by a bored housewife goes viral and spawns a series of books and movies. I want it all.

The problem is that when I tell people “You should get caught up on Justified before the final season,” they often reply “Cool, is it on Netflix?,” and my heart sinks into my stomach. I know they won’t watch it. My dreams get snuffed out like so many Harlan bad guys who have wronged Raylan Givens personally or professionally. It’s heartbreaking, really.

And so, with that in mind, this week’s discussion topic is “What TV series do you wish was available on Netflix?” Even with Netflix’s fairly extensive library, there are still plenty of shows to choose from: HBO classics like Deadwood or The Sopranos (or newer shows you want to rewatch or catch up on like Game of Thrones or Veep), Comedy Central shows like Chappelle’s Show and Key & Peele, Veronica Mars, The Good Wife, 24, King of the Hill, my beloved The O.C., etc. etc. etc. I know there’s one you want. Spill it.

Or just talk about Justified a bunch. That’s fine, too.