‘Friday Night Lights’ Will Mark Its 10th Anniversary With A Reunion

Clear eyes, full heart, sensible attitudes toward TV show reunions. Okay, our motto tweak was a bit sh*t, but we needed to ease you into some pretty sweet news. Austin’s ATX Television Festival will be offering up a Friday Night Lights reunion this summer.

Unlike most instances of former high school football players hanging around and talking about their glory days, this upcoming Friday Night Lights shindig sounds like fun. Taking place in the cult property’s home state of Texas, there’s the promise of a pep rally, tailgating, photo opportunities and live music all tucked into a “Panthers Field” meet-up. As for who will be showing up… Well, that’s still sitting on the TBA side of things at the moment. Entertainment Weekly has noted that the participants will be revealed at a later date. Considering that last year’s Gilmore Girls reunion nabbed the bulk of the show’s key players, there’s precedent set for Friday Night Lights to do the same. Aw nuts, now we’ve just talked ourselves into an “if Gilmore Girls announced revival plans the year after…” scenario and that’s asking for trouble.

The instantly drooled over Friday Night Lights reunion comes as the series approaches its 10th anniversary of premiering and fifth anniversary of saying goodbye. The 2016 edition of the ATX Television Festival has other delights at the ready for its June 9-12 hootenanny. Everybody Loves Raymond will be having a 20th anniversary reunion at the Texas festival, plus there’s the promise of panels and events involving Jane The Virgin, UnReal and even a writer’s room reunion for The O.C. No word yet on if there are any engagements planned to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Pepper Dennis. We’ll keep you posted if that changes.

(via Time)