04.10.09 10 years ago 10 Comments

Season 3 of “Friday Night Lights” comes to a close tonight, and while I don’t watch it myself, I feel comfortable encouraging others to do so.  Although I will say that this thirty-second promo couldn’t possibly tell me less about what’s going to happen.  “So, uh, people make faces… and hug?  Sounds… awesome.  Real awesome.”

Also, why does it seem that every small town in Texas is in “the heart” of Texas?  Permian (the town used in FNL) is way out in the hellish faltering oil fields of west Texas.  That sounds more like the rectum of Texas to me.  C’mon Hollywood, gimme some honest advertising.

EDIT: So the town is “Dillon” in the TV show. Same diff: based on Permian.

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