‘Friends’ Creator On A Potential Reboot Or Reunion: ‘Nope, Never Gonna Happen’

04.29.15 10 Comments
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With every other show from the ’90s getting some sort of reboot or reunion or sequel series lately (Full House, The X-Files, Coach) (Coach?), the natural question on the minds of many fans and industry insiders is, “Okay, so Friends or nah?” And in a recent interview with TheWrap, co-creator Marta Kauffman gave what appears to be a definitive “nah,” saying it’s “never gonna happen.”

“That show was about a time in your life when your friends are your family,” Kauffman said. “Once you begin to have a family of your own, that is no longer the case, and your priorities shift. So the show is over.” […]

“It’s much better that people want it, than that they get it and don’t like it,” Kauffman said. “The fear is, well, it’ll never be what it was.”

Haha, it’s like, could she be any more clear about this? Get it? Like the guy from the show. What was his name? Dave? No, there was no Dave on Friends. Wait, was there? No, I’m almost sure there wasn’t. Rick? No, that’s not it, either. I feel like it started with a “Ch-” sound. Chazz… Charley… Chumbley… Chumbler… I feel like I’m getting close. Maybe it was Chumbler. I’m sure it’ll come to me.

Anyway, point being: No Friends reunion series.

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