‘Friends’ Fans Will Find Some Anniversary Surprises While ‘Pivoting’ Their Google Search Fields

The 25th anniversary of Friends arrives this week, and that’ll make everyone feel incredibly dated to realize. Yet regardless, there’s tributes aplenty out there, as well as Top 10 lists, and other assorted new tidbits floating around to keep the nostalgia running high, even while the series prepares to leave Netflix (with Seinfeld acting as an eventual hopeful replacement for the streaming giant) in 2020. The Friends characters remain beloved for their many quirks, and Google has now gotten in on the celebrations by adding some surprises on search screens for the mai characters.

You know, this information is for just in case you happen to find yourself googling your favorite, like Joey, Monica, or Rachel and approach this with an audio warning in mind. Then you’ll find some new icons in their Knowledge Panels. In the case of searching for Phoebe Buffay (and why wouldn’t you pick her?), you’ll see a clickable guitar icon, and when you do the honors, you’ll hear the infamous “Smelly Cat” jingle.


If your favorite is Ross (surely, there’s a few of you out there?), or if you simply want to check in on the thrice-married-and-divorced paleontologist, here’s what you’ll see: an enormous “PIVOT.”


And if all of that isn’t distracting enough from your daily tasks, then searching “Friends glossary” will provide even more amusement with random definitions of terms like “meat sweats.” Good luck getting any more work done this week.

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