Proof That The Real ‘Friends’ Love Story Is Between Joey And Food

08.01.15 4 years ago 4 Comments


Here’s the thing about Joey Tribbiani: If you mention his name out loud, someone is going to yell, “Joey doesn’t share food!” It’s an inevitability like the sun rising or your name being misspelled on your Starbucks cup. Joey doesn’t share food has almost become something outside itself, more important than the show Friends. Do you know how many memes there are for Joey Doesn’t Share Food? Are you aware? The answer is too many.

Friends is old enough at this point that we’ve all but forgotten most of the non-memeable moments; Ross and Rachel were a thing, sure, Phoebe was quirky-weird, and something about Monica. There was a Chandler? The real point is that if it wasn’t a joke of some kind, we probably don’t remember it at this point. Which is why Joey + Food is the truest and most important pairing of all; it was hilarious, and it was real. Let’s remember what’s worth remembering, people: the most epic love story of a generation.

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