Enjoy The ‘Friends’ Theme Song With A Norwegian Metal Makeover

If there’s one thing that Friends could use, it’s a heavier theme song. It’s also the one thing you could replace on the cheap because bringing all of those actors back for a true reunion isn’t going to be cheap. So redoing the theme song for all those syndication reruns is really the best way to go.

That’s where Leo Moracchioli comes in, bringing a little metal flavor to the classic NBC theme. All the way from a lonely couch in Norway, Maracchioli grinds out a far heavier version of the Rembrandts popular tune than we ever would’ve gotten on ’90s television. Personally, I think a little growl when singing “I’ll Be There For You” truly drives home the point of the song. The way it sounds in its current form just sorta makes you feel like they’re phoning in the support.

My only problem is this isn’t really metal enough. Where’s the bloody sky? Where’s the satanic imagery? Where’s King Diamond? Hell, I’d even take Ghost here, even though they are also a little softer. Give Mercyful Fate a shot to remake the Friends theme, bone cross microphone, face paint, and all the joys of proper metal. Don’t Break The Oath is a fine album.