Warner Bros. Will Charge You $20 For Pirating An Episode Of ‘Friends’

Despite it never not being on TV and the entire series streaming through Netflix Instant, people are still illegally downloading episodes of Friends. And not even good episodes of Friends, but episodes like Season 2’s “The One with Five Steaks and An Eggplant,” which is fine.

Should you ever be tempted to torrent a stone-cold classic like “The One with the Embryos” or the one where Joey and Rachel eat floor cake that somehow isn’t titled “The One Where Joey and Rachel Eat Floor Cake,” don’t, because it’ll cost you.

Over the past several weeks the movie studio has sent automated fines to alleged pirates, demanding $20 for the downloading of episodes from various torrent sites…

While $20 is relatively cheap, Warner Bros. writes that the real damage resulting from the unauthorized sharing is much higher. “The damage to WB from your conduct substantially exceeds $20, but in the interest of having you stop your infringement of WB content permanently, WB is prepared to make you this settlement offer,” the notice explains. (Via)

A nice crisp Andrew Jackson will buy you a single episode, or two copies of the COMPLETE Friends soundtrack (Hootie and the Blowfish and Barenaked Ladies!). Or, y’know, you can turn your TV on at literally any time of the day or night and watch it for free.

(Via: Torrent Freak)