‘Fringe’ Gets 100% More Like ‘The Wire’

07.12.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

(This image is from a The Wire-centric art project by Blake Hicks. It is amazing.)

I’ll admit to only having seen two episodes of Fringe, but from what I gather, it’s decent-ish in a major network sort of way. (Analysis!) Of course, we all appreciate the show’s casting of Lance Reddick in a major role. Actually, I always appreciate it when an alumnus from The Wire gets work, even when it’s Herc  in 24 (as an NYPD beat cop who apprehends Jack Bauer and subsequently gets a right clobbering), or Marlo Stanfield in the terrible/terrific Jericho (as some sort of Army officer bumming around in rural Kansas).

Now, Fringe has cast Andre Royo as a cab driver in a guest role. It’s not much, sure, but here we have Bubbs and Cedric Daniels on the same show. Ideally, this show will slowly begin to bring on more and more actors from David Simon’s magnum opus, until eventually, the show basically becomes Season 6 of The Wire without the audience realizing it. Compelling plot points that the show never had the chance to expand upon: Poot getting disillusioned with the Foot Locker institution, Lamar’s quest to find rare back issues of Harper’s Weekly for Brother Mouzone, Marlo basically turning into Carl Johnson from GTA: San Andreas, and the Baltimore Sun’s Clark Johnson stomping around the newsroom and being mildly annoyed by everything.

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