'Fringe' Season 5 Promos: Those Observers Are Not F%*!ing Around

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08.30.12 5 Comments

I think we’ve all known for a while now that season five of Fringe would essentially follow the storyline introduced by last season’s “Letters of Transit” episode. As we saw in that episode, in the future, the Observers control the planet. My guess is that the fifth season will work to rewrite the future: Keep the Fringe team from being encased in amber, keep baby Henrietta safe, and ensure that the Observers never get control.

Introducing an alternative future last season in “Letters of Transit” was very smart. It established how high the stakes are. Fail to prevent the Observers from taking over the planet, then there will be a Purge of humans in 2015; the Observers will establish a totalitarian culture; and they will completely eradicate the Fringe division.

The question, I suppose, is will there be flash-forwards? The promo already introduces a split-second shot of a “hatch” (see screen grab above). Let’s just hope those are the only similarities between the final season of Fringe and Lost.

Check out this promo, and the bloody beating Walter takes.

This one is even more intense. THEY’RE GOING AFTER THE KID. Those damn Observers do not abide by network television rules.

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