This ‘Breaking Bad’-‘Frozen’ Mashup Will Bring Fathers And Daughters Together Like Nothing Before

There’s a reason Frozen is the highest-grossing animated film ever (well, besides inflation): the movie isn’t completely unbearable to adults. And seeing your kids actively engage in something that isn’t atrocious is both uplifting and exceedingly rare (get bent, Caillou). So of course parents shelled out for multiple viewings after realizing they could sit through the film without clawing their eyes out.

But just like anything else that’s merely tolerable, it only remains so in moderation. Now that the movie is available on DVD and streaming — and the clips kids enjoy the most are on YouTube — parents everywhere are starting to lose their minds.

The solution: the short mashup video above, which infuses the wonderful world of Frozen with a taste of one of the best adult dramas in history, Breaking Bad. Go ahead, slip it into your kid’s Frozen-watching routine see what happens when your entertainment worlds collide. It’s called bonding.