Frustrated iPhone-Licking Bullfrog Takes Anger Out on Thumb

12.22.11 6 years ago 11 Comments

Look, I was about to write about the fact that the voice of super-hot old lady Helen Mirren is appearing in an episode “Glee” when it returns in January (as the inner voice of one of the characters), but then realized no one really cared. Then I was going to write about Ron Paul getting testy with CNN last night and walking off an interview over those racially insensitive newsletters, but then I got distracted by two things: The video above of a bullfrog licking an iPhone (which you have to watch to the end because it is awesome) and, after the jump, how weirdly hot “Jersey Shore’s” Sammi Sweetheart looks without makeup. Do not doubt me.

See? See? I told you.

(Bullfrog video via The B-Side Blog; Image via TooFab)

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