Samantha Bee Crafts A PSA To Powerful Men Everywhere On How To Avoid Being Like Harvey Weinstein

Samantha Bee decided to tackle the Harvey Weinstein scandal in a different way than other late night hosts. There’s been some criticism of the silence from other hosts, something Seth Meyers commented on during a chat with The Hollywood Reporter. Instead of diving into a serious chat about what women have faced plenty of times over the years and the behavior of Weinstein and others that aren’t in the headlines right now, Bee focused on the ones that are questioning their future. How do those people avoid scandalous situations?

Instead of following the Mike Pence route and refusing to take one-on-one meetings with women, the guys out there debating their self control when interacting with women can just stand by the fact that their dick is horrid. They shouldn’t go around whipping it out unannounced, answering the door with it revealed to the world, and they certainly shouldn’t masturbate in front of somebody if they haven’t specifically asked for it in Bee’s opinion. That should just seem like common sense.

She then goes into an entire section on how the penis is not an attractive organ and shouldn’t be given a full photo spread — unless you’re getting those specific requests from specific people, which even then they should question it.

It’s meant to be funny, but given what we’ve heard over the past week in the mainstream media, it almost seems necessary.

(Via Full Frontal)