Patton Oswalt Helps Samantha Bee Explain Why Crisis Pregnancy Centers Are A Con

Samantha Bee’s assault on Georgia’s politicians continues this week on Full Frontal in a follow-up to her mocking of state senator Renee Unterman, who worked to block the Pursuing Justice for Rape Victims Act. Just as she did in her earlier report on Unterman, Bee once again asks, “Woman, have you lost your f*cking mind?” in regard to the senator’s latest effort to keep that terrible lie-based story about Planned Parenthood selling fetus body parts alive in pushing legislation that allows the state to give money to pregnancy resource centers for services that discourage women from receiving abortions. But this time Bee recruited Patton Oswalt, paying homage to Orson Welles in Welles’ 1973 film F for Fake, for some help in explaining why Crisis Pregnancy Centers are full of “toxic bullsh*t.”

People who are easily offended, perhaps by someone saying that God is a con, will find their blood boiling over Bee’s latest masterclass in takedowns. For my money, though, the phrase “gynecological grift” isn’t used nearly enough these days. It sounds like the perfect title for a movie starring Nic Cage and Melissa McCarthy, with Steven Seagal making a cameo as the no-nonsense Governor of Georgia who chops bills in half with his bare hands. Let’s fast track that one, Netflix.