The Iconic House From ‘Full House’ Is Up For Sale

Are you a millennial with a severe case of nostalgia who also has deep pockets and wants to invest in real estate? Did you really want to buy the house from Home Alone, but you couldn’t justify dealing with Midwestern winters? Well, have I got a deal for you! The house that the Tanners (and a Gladstone and a Katsopolis) called home can all be yours for $4.15 million. Have mercy.

The stunning San Francisco Victorian has officially been put on the market by Vanguard Properties. So does this house offer a speciality sound system that plays touching music during your family’s most emotional moments? No, it doesn’t, but what it does have is an absolutely gorgeous interior that doesn’t resemble the decor of the Tanner house in the slightest. That’s because the home was only used for exterior shots in both Full House and Netflix’s revival series, Fuller House

I know what you’re thinking: you’re ready to place an offer. However, do you enjoy massive crowds of tourists from all over the world hanging out on your front steps taking selfies? If you don’t, then maybe you’re not emotionally ready to own a piece of sitcom history just yet. Nobody is currently living in the house, but the surrounding neighbors aren’t too happyFull House fanatics flock to the residential San Francisco neighborhood at all hours of the day to live out their fantasies of opening the front door to Kimmy Gibbler’s dumb smirk. But if you don’t mind the attention, and your bank account allows it, why not? Just make sure you can afford it, because if you foreclose, you’re in big trouble, mister!