Have Mercy On The Cast Of Lifetime’s Unauthorized ‘Full House’ Movie

Full House
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There are certain firsts in a person’s life they’ll never forget. First kiss, first time having sex, first time they saw the cast of Lifetime’s unauthorized Full House movie, which threatens to expose all the literal skeletons in Danny Tanner’s closet. Why do you think he kept the house so clean?

The cast for the movie, which premieres Aug. 22, was revealed today, and it’s a murderer’s row of people who kind of look like Joey and Jesse, if you squint and it’s dark out.

-Bob Saget: Garrett Brawith (Rolling)

-Dave Coulier: Justin Mader (Death Race)

-John Stamos: Justin Gaston (Days of Our Lives)

-Lori Loughlin: Stephanie Bennett (Big Eyes)

-Candace Cameron: Shelby Armstrong and Brittney Wilson (Rogue) as the younger and older versions of the actress, respectively

-Jodie Sweetin: Dakota Guppy (The Returned) and Jordyn Olson (The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story) as the younger and older versions of the actress, respectively

-Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: Blaise and Kinslea Todd as the toddler versions of twins; Calla and Tyla Jones playing them at age 6; and Kylie and Jordan Armstrong as the twins at 9 (Via The Wrap)

Fun fact: Fake Jesse dated Miley Cyrus in real life, and younger Stephanie is played by someone named DAKOTA GUPPY. This is going to be some amazing television.

Here’s the side-by-side.


(Via The Wrap)