There’s Now A ‘Full House’ Musical In Production To Celebrate The Netflix Revival

Bad news for fans of Saved By The Bell: Bayside The Musical will be coming to an end at it’s off-Broadway home this August. But that ending brings some good news for fans of Full House because it’s replacement is a brand new musical based on the adventures of the Tanner family. And you thought Netflix was the only place to get your fix of syrupy sweet family sitcom action. Idiots.

Full House The Musical is being helmed by the same minds behind Bayside The Musical and will begin its run at Theater 80 in New York City this September. The show is an effort to strike while the iron is hot according to Entertainment Weekly:

Cashing in on the latest Netflix reboot and Lifetime movie, Full House! The Musical will “follow Danny’s wacky and hilarious descent into madness as he slowly turns from wholesome Danny Tanner to foul-mouthed and dark Bob Saget.” If it’s anything like the McSmiths’ other shows, the musical will hit on some of the show’s most frequently cited plot points and inside jokes in the years since the TV series ended its run in 1995.

Well that’s all fine and good, but what can one expect to find in Full House the musical? The fine folks behind the production have you covered:

Full House! The Musical! will answer all your burning questions:

Will D.J Tanner develop an eating disorder?!
Can Uncle Joey get on Star Search even though he’s not funny at all?!
Who will have mercy on Uncle Jessie?!
Will Kimmy Gibbler be murdered?
How many catchphrases can one family have?!
What the hell is a Mary-Kate and Ashley?!

Isn’t nostalgia great? The musical will feature a selection of songs including “This House Is Too Full,” “Our Family Is Better Than Your Family,” and my personal favorite sung by Comet The Dog, “Look At These Assh*les.” You can catch them all and more this fall when Full House The Musical hits the stage. Or you just sit at home and hate tweet as you watch Fuller House on Netflix. The choice is yours.

(Via Entertainment Weekly / Bayside The Musical)