The ‘Fuller House’ Teaser Looks Way Creepy When Recut As A Horror Film

The first official look at Netflix’s Fuller House arrived this week to the frothing approval of ’90s enthusiasts. You don’t actually see any of the cast or learn anything more than what we already know about the kinda depressing-sounding premise, but they introduced Comet 2.0, which was just what fans needed to lure them in.

The geniuses at ScreenCrush saw something else, however, and put together this recut of the teaser set to creepy horror music. and it gives the teaser a whole new perspective. OMG COMET 2.0, GET AWAY FROM THE DOOR. THERE’S A BAD MAN COMING, COMET 2.0.

(Via ScreenCrush, h/t TheWrap)