‘Fuller House’ Handles The Absence Of The Olsen Twins With A ‘Playful Wink’

Fuller House is gearing up to bring a splash of TGIF shenanigans to Netflix in 2016, but there’s already a dollop of controversy surrounding the sitcom before its big debut next month. No, the series does not begin with a Joey/Mr. Woodchuck murder-suicide. It’s something a bit more subtle.

Series creator Jeff Franklin wants to clear the air about a line in the opening episode that addresses the absence of Michelle Tanner that some have interpreted as a shot at the Olsen twins. [SPOILER ALERT] According to the trusted Kardashian stalkers at E!, there’s a scene where someone asks, “Where’s Michelle?” The explanation given to the Tanner brood is that Michelle’s “too busy with her clothing line.” The response prompts the entire cast to give the camera a “disdainful look” and now you’re up to speed. Franklin told the press that the reality-blurring explanation for Michelle being out of the picture was intended to be a sweethearted nod and not a middle finger.

“It wasn’t meant tot be a dig,” Franklin told reporters in a panel at TCA press tour, “it was meant to be a playful wink.”

We’ll let you interpret if the whole thing is a dig or a diss, but Franklin says he’s hoping to get the real Michelle Tanner (and not Elizabeth Olsen) back into the fold if there’s a second season. Chatting with E! News, the TV veteran (who also created the original series) said not having the Olsens return was a “disappointment” and that he’s optimistic the New York Minute stars could reemerge in some capacity.

“I am still hopeful that Mary-Kate or Ashley or both of them will come back and be a part of it, even if it’s just for an hour. We miss that. Everybody does feel that hole in the family. But it’s like, all family reunions, there’s always somebody that doesn’t show up. But hopefully next time around, we’ll have them back.”

You can try to adjust to life without Michelle Tanner by taking a peek at the freshly released teaser for Fuller House. The pseudo-sequel sitcom pops up on Netflix on February 26.

(Via E! News)