‘Fuller House’ Has Pretty Much Given Up On Getting The Olsen Twins To Appear

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It’s times like these that Full House fans could use a real-life version of Uncle Joey’s creeptastic puppet. Why? Because it seems Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the famous “Olsen twins” who both played the catchphrase-wielding Michelle Tanner on the original series, won’t be making an appearance on the Netflix revival, Fuller House. Or at least that’s the essence of what Stephanie Tanner herself (Jodie Sweetin) told Entertainment Tonight at the Los Angeles premiere of Kubo and the Two Strings over the weekend.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Sweetin emphasized that she and the rest of the cast and crew have “tried everything” to convince the Olsens to at least make a cameo on the new show. Ultimately, however, the 34-year-old actress admits they’ve “kinda given up” on the prospect.

It probably didn’t help that, in the first episode of Fuller House, the program played a small joke on the younger Tanner sister. Danny (Bob Saget) told everyone, “Michelle sends her love but she’s busy in New York running her fashion empire,” at which point he and everyone else turned to give the camera a direct, deadpan stare. Creator Jeff Franklin swore the gag wasn’t meant to be a dig at the Olsens at the time, though considering fellow Full House alum John Stamos’ off-and-on public fight with the sisters, the jury remains out on this one.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)