Netflix Renews ‘Fuller House’ For Another Season

Netflix infamously keeps it “secret” ratings locked in a safe… in a sunken ship… at the bottom of the ocean… locked inside the Disney Vault. They’re tougher to find than a copy of Song of the South on Blu-ray, or dust in Danny Tanner’s house, even when Netflix could brag about how “network viewing numbers dropped significantly” the night Fuller House premiered, which “some observers are speculating [was] specifically due to the Netflix release of the sitcom.” Oh great, the critically-challenged Fuller House broke television, like the time Michelle and Denise played tag at the museum and they knocked over and broke a $4 million dinosaur skeleton and… I’ll stop here.

Anyway, the ratings must have been huge, because Fuller House has already been renewed for season two. Terriers fans everywhere weep.

Fuller House has been renewed for season two at Netflix, Variety has learned. The pickup comes just days after the Full House revival series debuted on the streaming giant.

Fuller House opened up to polarizing reviews from critics and mixed reaction from fans, but the renewal hardly comes as a surprise. Aside from Netflix’s knack to renew their original shows for many seasons, Fuller House, being in the pop-culture zeitgeist, has had an overwhelming amount of social-media success, trending ever since the project was announced. (Via Variety)

Netflix’s shows typically trend the weekend they’re released, when everyone’s watching them, then not again until another season is announced, or someone famous joins the cast. Fuller House has been on an impressive Twitter rampage since the day it was announced. You can’t stop the Tanners. You can only hope to exile them to New York to run a “fashion empire.”

(Via Variety)