‘Fuller House’ Is Getting The Entire Family Together For Thanksgiving In Season 2

Netflix‘s very potent brand of nostalgia crack is gearing up for season 2 to the delight of those that enjoy musing about whatever happened to predictability.

The cast of Fuller House are back at work to crank out more tales from their post-TGIF era and presumably continue their inquiry into the status of milkmen, paperboys and MTV. Thanks to the magic of Instagram, we’ve been treated to the sneakiest of peeks of the prep the family comedy is doing for the next go-around. Look! Here’s a photo of Dave Coulier’s parking spot.


Glamorous! Included in the recent collection of snaps is the reveal that we’ll be seeing a Thanksgiving episode. As Entertainment Weekly notes, the series (in original and reboot form) has somehow managed to only have one episode featuring the Tanners celebrating the holiday even though it seems tailor-made for that sort of subject matter. How many annual episodes could they have wrung out of Michelle exclaiming something when the turkey gets ruined? Money left on the table, Full/er House.

“Table reading time for A Fuller House Thanksgiving!!” proclaimed Jodie Sweetin on Instagram. It hasn’t been revealed what the episode is about beyond “Thanksgiving,” but if you’re a soft touch for Tanner hugs and hijinks, you’re probably pretty jazzed just at the episode title alone. (It’s not like there are Walking Dead style secrets to be kept. OR ARE THERE?)

No word yet on when season 2 will tumble out into the world, so these photos from the cast will have to do in the meantime. How about a Teen Choice Awards campaign video too? We can oblige.

(via Entertainment Weekly)