Fun Fact: The New Arby’s Guy Was My College Roommate

By now you’ve likely seen the new Arby’s ad campaign featuring an affable white guy leading a sing-along  about “Good Mood Food.” Frankly, I have no idea whether the commercial is a success or not — YouTube comments like “WORST MARKETING CAMPAIGN EVER!” don’t help — but I love it. My reasoning is simple: the ad stars one of my closest friends over the last 14 years, my college roommate Andy. (Look! We’re in the same fedora club!)

I recognize how cheesy that must sound, and I’m already anticipating the worst in the comments section — “Ooh, Mr. Big Shot, friends with a guy in a COMMERCIAL!” — but I’m thrilled for Andy, who’s finally making some good money after ten years of auditions in New York.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post had an interview which I’ve cut because I went outside of proper channels. Oops.