Prepare Your Wallets, Funko Is Releasing A Full Sized ‘Rick And Morty’ Portal Gun

Funko continues to expand its empire in a devious plot to conquer all the shelf space in your home, adding a full sized Rick and Morty portal gun to their collection. That’s right, come November it will be even easier to throw together a lazy Rick Sanchez cosplay. In fact, we suspect perhaps Funko delayed the release of this new toy until after Halloween to keep earth from being overrun with a multiverse worth of shoddy Ricks running around with unusually slick inter-dimensional transporters.

Funko is best known for their vinyl bobblehead style toys, and you’d be hard pressed to name a popular television series without an army worth of Pop! figurines out there to splurge on. Now in addition to Rick and Morty bobbleheads, keychains, action figures, and plushes, they’re adding in props. And just like mega seeds on the show, once you’ve stored your first one in a tight moist place, you’re practically powerless to ignore your body’s demands for more of them.

We can only hope there’s more of these on their way. Season 3’s ‘The ABCs of Beth’ episode seemed particularly packed full of future toys (maybe the show is taking some notes from Transformers and other 80s cartoons), with stuff like a whip that forces people to like you, a teddy bear with anatomically correct innards, a taser shaped like a ladybug, and a pink sentient switchblade. We’ll take two of the whips and one switchblade, please.