The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale Inspired A Kingly Bounty Of Twitter Jokes


This post contains spoilers for the Game Of Thrones series finale.

“And perhaps the real Game of Thrones was the friends we made along the way.” You’ve probably seen that joke a few dozen times if you’ve been on Twitter in the past day or two. But people on Twitter were also coming up with unrivaled jokes about the events of Sunday night’s finale episode.

Certainly, there will be complaints, but the finale did get some things right: giving positions of power to all of the remaining Stark kids (who worked together instead of greedily squabbling), giving independence to the North, doing away with that pesky bloodline, and melting the damn Iron Throne like so many civilians in King’s Landing (too soon?).

Before the episode started, people predicted their perfect endings:

But the tone very quickly shifted:

Drogon didn’t take it well:

And it seems like the only thing people joked more about than Brienne writing things was Bran ending up in charge:

All hail Sansa:

And Jon got sent packing to the North, which finally brought justice for Ghost:

Ayra is heading towards an unfamiliar West to meet new people and possibly kill them:

It was truly a song of ice and fire:

But some people were not very happy:

Others just blew our minds:

Welp, onto the next cultural touchstone: