The Funniest TV Moments Of 2015

There was plenty to laugh at on television in 2015. Some of it was dark, some of it was incredibly silly, and some of it was funny for unintentional reasons. Attempting to narrow it all down to one list is a fool’s errand, in part because humor is so subjective, and in part because there was just so dang much to choose from. But we are nothing if not fools, so we tried to do it anyway. Below, please find some of the funniest moments of the 2015 television season, as selected by the Uproxx staff.

The “Let Blaine Die SWOT Board,” Silicon Valley

Although Silicon Valley’s excellent sophomore season didn’t have anything quite as inspired as the Optimal Tip-to-Tip Efficiency joke from the first season finale (I mean, it would be pretty much impossible to top), the sixth episode, “Homicide,” contained what was easily the stand-out comedic moment of the season. After Pied Piper partners with an energy drink company (the titular “Homicide,” which is a pretty good joke in its own right) to livestream a publicity stunt, Dinesh and Gilfoyle (Kumail Nanjiani and Martin Starr) notice that the douchey stunt driver Blaine’s calculations are wrong, which would cause him to die horribly in a fiery crash. When they try to warn Blaine, he rebuffs them, which leads the two usual adversaries to create a “Let Blaine Die SWOT Board” to access the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of letting the stunt driver die, influenced by the fact that Dinesh also wants to bang his girlfriend. The whole thing was gloriously deranged. After the episode aired, a list of actual cards from the SWOT board surfaced, which somehow managed to take the joke to a whole new level. — Stacey Ritzen

Peeno Noir, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

How did our Earth spin for millennia without Titus Andromedon’s glitter-infused “ode to black penis?” What did people dance to? What did people bone to? What did people rhyme “mid-size car” with? I can hardly remember life before “Peeno Noir,” but I do know it wasn’t as rich or beautiful or filled with references to Roseanne Barr. To make the experience of watching it over and over again even more transcendent, I highly recommend this French-subtitled version — you haven’t really lived until you’ve seen Tituss Burgess, hand over heart, overlaid with the words “une ode au penis noir.” — Rachel Handler

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