Funny Or Die’s Kickstarter Movie Projects For Bad TV Shows Wins April Fool’s Day

I delayed getting out of bed today as life on the internet has made me rather callous towards the one day a year devoted to trickery. Without fail though, Funny or Die seems to accomplish the impossible and pull off something remarkably clever when no one else seems capable. It of course helps that they have time and resources at their disposal, but still, they should be commended.

This year’s effort parodies the recent Veronica Mars-Kickstarter hysteria with five original Kickstarter movie projects for shows that, well, um… shows that are Sliders, Wings, and Darkwing Duck.

Vids to follow. Concept > jokes, so don’t get too excited. If you need me I’ll be jotting down hypotheticals as to why certain castmembers didn’t participate. “Thomas Haden Church: Jury duty.”

Sliders: The Movie

The Wings Serenity Movie Project

Darkwing Duck: The Movie

There’s also the Family Matters Movie Project and Baby Sinclair from Dinosaurs One-Man Show. I’m still unclear as to whether you can actually contribute to the actual Kickstarter pages. You guys feel free to test it out and let me know. It should also be mentioned that Hulu is in a very close second