‘Futurama’ Is About To Be Removed From Netflix, And Fans Are Freaking Out

As Netflix spends more effort (and A LOT more money) on original content, the streaming service is increasingly less interested in renewing the expiring licenses to shows that aired elsewhere. Especially Fox shows. In recent months, Netflix has lost The X-Files, House, most seasons of American Dad, Ally McBeal, Firefly, and as of May, Bob’s Burgers. That was tough enough for fans of animation — now it’s about to get even tougher. Futurama, Matt Groening’s hilarious and clever follow-up to The Simpsons about a delivery boy who befriends an alcoholic robot, one-eyed mutant, and a desperate lobster-doctor, is apparently being removed from Netflix beginning on July 1.

Apparently FOX pulled the license for Futurama. Which means officially everything after the movies will be staying on Netflix for now, and everything before and including movies will be removed July 1st. I was sent this link for “title requests” as essentially a petition to have Netflix push Fox more to renew the license. (Via)

There’s also a petition.

When you watch a pre-season six episode, before Futurama moved from Fox to Comedy Central (and with few exceptions, the quality dipped), you’re met with the warning, “This season is available until July 1st.” Futurama never got the credit it deserves — it was always in the shadow of The Simpsons, although to be fair, every show is in the shadow of the greatest show ever — but it’s compulsively watchable. And certain episodes, like “Roswell That Ends Well” and “The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings,” rank among the best episodes for any 2000s series. But now that it will no longer be on Netflix, fans have another reason to cry when they think about “Jurassic Bark.”

We need the Hypnotoad now more than ever.