The Delightful Trio Of Jonah Hill, Leslie Jones And Future Are Here To Hype A ‘Sensational’ Episode Of ‘SNL’

03.04.16 2 years ago 3 Comments

Former Rob Schneider enabler Saturday Night Live has rolled out a new batch of promos trumpeting the show’s first episode of March. Y’know, in case you were on the fence about watching the program and needed a gentle nudge from some famous faces to watch 90 minutes of goofz-n-spoofz.

Jonah Hill, Leslie Jones and Future make a charming trio in this week’s customary combo of short hype spots. Humorous misunderstandings, fashion advice, and Jones testing Future’s powers of prognostication are on display in this clip cluster. Future promises the show will be “sensational” which is extremely promising in both forecast and just from a reference POV.

Is there a lotion that can be made out of that Vine? I would buy that lotion in a heartbeat.

This weekend’s episode marks the first go-around for Future as the musical guest, but Jonah Hill’s put in a few tours-of-duty as host. If our math is correct, this will be the Wolf of Wall Street star’s fourth time taking the reins. Of course, SNL isn’t exactly hurting for star power right now considering the internet is going industrial strength bonkers over Jones and Kate McKinnon in the new Ghostbusters trailer. Heck, maybe that’s enough to get Leo to show up again and this time with an Oscar in tow.

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