The New Poster For ‘American Horror Story’ Season Six Is Not For Arachnophobes

A brand new season of American Horror Story looms (and so does the prospect of another “Hotline Bling” dance sequence), which means Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s perpetually batsh*t crazy cable freakout series is in the mood to tease. Theories on what’s on the way for season six have been plentiful, but the amount of concrete confirmed details has been kept under wraps. Could season six be about a demon spirit haunting the North American Soccer League or an incubus working as a VP for Sears during World War II? Probably not, but anything’s possible at this stage of the game.

The latest piece of promo to tumble out for American Horror Story is a new poster that will have arachnophobes scrambling for an emergency eyewash station. Heck, even the spider-friendly might be creeped out by the freshly unveiled image. Bring on the freaky promotional rectangle!

“Don’t close your eyes…” instructs the helpful Twitter caption accompanying the image. Y’know, because SPIDERS IN YOUR FUDGIN’ EYES!!! We recommend that Sarah Paulson and Lady Gaga’s characters invest in Horace Grant style goggles for safety’s sake.

The brand new season of American Horror Story will be ready to haunt your dreams and annoy your optometrist on September 14.