FX Cast Judy Greer In A New Comedy Pilot Because FX Is Smart

Judy Greer has this really cool habit of popping on great shows like Arrested Development and Archer and being wonderful on them, so I suppose it only makes sense that while FX is running around and handing out comedy pilots they would give her an as-yet-untitled one, too.

The half-hour comedy is about the lengths to which two best friends are willing to go to salvage their marriage. Lina Bowman (Greer) and her husband Russ Bowman (Nat Faxon) get along great in every room except the bedroom. Living in a new city with no friends, and overwhelmed by her three young daughters, at the end of the day Lina would rather curl up with vampire fan fiction than her always-horny husband. In order to save their otherwise great marriage and family, she gives her husband permission to take care of his needs elsewhere. [Deadline]

Judy Greer does awkward and/or slightly deranged sexual frustration better than almost anyone (and I mean that in the nicest, most complimentary way imaginable), so she definitely seems like a good fit for a character who gives her husband the green light to start sleeping around. I’m sure at some point this whole grand philandering experiment will go south, even if it’s just temporarily, and she will get a chance to let her freak flag fly a little bit, even if she doesn’t go full Cheryl Tunt. Yup, I like this bit of casting. A+ for everyone. Pizza party on Friday.

Oh, and FX, if you’re reading this, you may use The Grand Philandering Experiment as the title of this show. Here to help.