Cristin Milioti And The ‘Always Sunny’ Guys Might Be Making FX’s Next Great Comedy

In the mood to get your hopes up to unreasonable levels? We can help! It’s been revealed that How I Met Your Mother alum Cristin Milioti will be starring in a comedy pilot produced by the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia dudes. Weed is involved. (In the plot of the potential series, not the decision making process.)

Milioti and New Girl writer/producer Nina Pedrad are pairing up for this FX comedy in which they’ll co-star and exec produce. The two also co-wrote the pilot and Pedrad (sister of Nasim) will serve as showrunner if the pilot morphs into a full-on series. Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton’s RCG Productions are among the exec producers behind the project.

“We are so excited to be working with a network as fearless as FX and are honored to potentially join the fives of shows about women on television today,” said Milioti and Pedrad in a statement trumpeting the pilot order. Milioti has turned in an excellent performance for the network already courtesy of season two of Fargo and it’ll be nice to see the actress in a TV comedy that isn’t How I Met Your Mother or the NBC rom-com offering A to Z.

The series (which still has more casting to do) is designed as a half-hour comedy that focuses on Milioti’s Maxine, her friends and stepbrother as they attempt to “navigate the abject sh*t-storm that is adulthood.”

Cristin Milioti will play “MAXINE,” an entitled actress-turned-process-server who takes lemons and makes a fire out of lemons, burning herself and others. Max’s dysfunctional, tight-knit clan serves as her surrogate family and always lets her sing the Aaron Burr parts of Hamilton.

Nina Pedrad will play “NATALIE.” Sharp witted and scientifically inclined, Nat sells weed and prescription drugs, but blanches at the term “drug dealer.” She wants to be the Sheryl Sandberg of weed.

Sounds lovely. Here’s hoping the pilot’s a roaring success and we get another winning comedy under the FX/FXX/FXXX: State of the Union umbrella.