FX Is Really Hoping We’ll Get Some More ‘Louie’ Once Louis C.K. Comes Around To It

Louis C.K. is on the record as saying Louie might be finished as a series, at least for the time being. It doesn’t mean he isn’t around, with plenty of producing and creative work pouring out — including Baskets, Better Things, and an animated Albert Brooks project on FX — but the network is hopeful he’ll return at some point. Deadline caught up with FX head John Landgraf at the TCA and asked him what he knew about Louie’s future and if there was something on the horizon:

“He said publicly that he just has no more Louie to make at the moment about the stage in life he is living, and right now his focus very aggressively is on producing…

“I think my hope with Louie is that when he enters the next phase in his life — and I have no idea what that means, whether his kids get a little older or he falls in love, whatever — that will give him a pathway towards making more episodes of the the show.”

I like how it might take the guy falling in love to bring the show back. It wouldn’t be the same show at that point, especially given his television counterpart’s string of luck with love.

Now Louie’s absence on television isn’t going to leave us without some sort of comedian leading a fake life. We have the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm to be worried about soon enough, but just don’t think that’s got FX putting the pressure on Louis C.K. to return too:

“No, but I know he saw it,” the exec said. “And he knows I know he saw it. But ultimately I don’t want him to make more episodes unless he wants to and they can be as good as the ones he’s made. This shouldn’t be a business exercise; it should be something creatively inspiring for him.”

It is refreshing to see how television has matured to this model of “let’s do it when you feel like it,” as opposed to the old model of “hey, we need 22 episodes or we’re screwed.” The only time the latter is a boon is when the show is Wings. Hey, FX. Bring back Wings.

(Via Deadline)