FX And Marvel’s ‘Legion’ Gets A New, Mind-Bending Trailer

Marvel has created quite a media empire for itself over the past few years, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe proving to be a huge success for the company with their various film and television franchises. The crossovers, cameos and interplay between characters is in part what has made The Avengers so successful, coming off of this year’s Captain America: Civil War. Of course, The Avengers spun off a television series of its own, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which has helped to elaborate further on the events of the films while also telling its own stories.

Marvel will be once again trying a hand at this with the upcoming FX series Legion. Legion, a character from the X-Men comics, will be getting his own series on FX, focusing on the unstable mutant who suffers from severe mental illness. After years of dealing with schizophrenia and committed to an institution he meets another patient who gives him the first clues that the strange things that he sees might not just be in his head and that there is a lot more to him.

On Saturday at Comic-Con 2016, FX dropped a brand new Legion trailer highlighting some of the action that is to come in the eight-episode season starting in early 2017. The show looks to be an interesting departure from the realm of comic book franchises, instead of being action-heavy, it looks like it’ll explore the fractured mind of David Haller as he comes to terms with his own, mutant self.

(Via Deadline)