FXX’s Latest Bizarre Ad For ‘The Simpsons’ Features Stupid, Sexy, Dancing Flanders

FXX has obviously been plugging the hell out of the ongoing marathon of every episode of The Simpsons with a series of mostly wonderful commercials, although Marge repeating, “Lisa’s red dress” over and over will cause a guy’s teeth to grind after a while. But just as we loved the “Kitchen Sink” and “Creation” commercials, the two latest ads are simply dang-darn-diddily delightful as well. (Even if they’re all sometimes interrupted by commercials for Mike and Molly.)

The first (above) has stupid, sexy Ned Flanders dancing away to one of the catchiest tunes you’ll hear today, while Homer Simpson’s head is edited into a series of fail clips, because it’s just the most appropriate idea. Also, Nelson’s laugh never ever gets old.